Merchant Service Solutions for the Hemp Cannabis Retailers

After doing your research, you may realize selling hemp products online could be a way to feel good about taking advantage of a renewable resource to better the health of our ever-polluted environment.

Hemp/Cannabis is a versatile material that can be used for textiles, building material, rope, packaging, fuel, and even medicine. Hemp generates an estimated $61 million dollars of revenue in the United States annually through the sales of hemp-based body products, and that’s only one industry hemp contributions millions of dollars to boost the economy with each year. As hemp products begin to become more acceptable and legalized, there is only more room for online profits to be achieved.

Medical marijuana products are helping millions of people cope with painful illnesses and disorders. A lot of people that use weed to medicate illnesses contest the common idea that it is simply an irresponsible recreational drug, and profess the symptom curing miracle that medical marijuana has been for them, or someone that they know well.

However, the online hemp market seems to be a touchy subject for some online entrepreneurs do to the stigma it possesses and the high risk payment processing. High risk sales often end in chargebacks, failed transactions and fees that dwindle profits.

With so many options for such a renewable resource, the ability to snag an impressive amount of online POS profit increases with the right payment processing options, and fast, effective virtual terminals. A Quick and easy online purchase just gives online shoppers one more reason to visit your virtual store again and again.

Cannabis products like CBD, Hemp Oil, Lotions, Smoke Shop Supplies ARE legal to sell both online and in-store in the United States (with certain regulations). Besides the product and a safe and effective way to take high risk online payments your initiative to sell is the only thing standing in between you and the profit to come.

Even better, many high quality high risk payment processing options come with no set-up fee, easy application processes and ready-to-go gateway setup. Transactions that occur with the card not present, such as online transactions with virtual terminals, often quality as high risk due to the lack of a face-to-face transaction. From products like detergent, to auto parts - hemp often plays an important role in the manufacturing, if not the packaging as well.

With the wide array of industries that hemp products play a part in, adding hemp-based products to your line of online products available for purchase could boost your sales more than a bit.

Often companies like PayPal, Square, and other popular free payment processors can throw you for a loop by limiting your account access and freezing your assets and denying you your profits for a period of time. Always do your research on high risk vs low risk payments and start cashing in some hemp products for a different kind of green, the right way!


Low Rates - High Volume Tier Discounts

We reward our parnters with a low upfront retail and internet transaction (MOTO) rates and the ability to receive an even lower rate based on high volume transaction volume and low or no reserves.

We strive to be a true service provider with your business to make sure that you are getting the absolute best service at the absolute best visa and mastercard rates possible!

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Our specialtyis finding the right home for your visa and mastercard processing needs - we can and will place any High Risk Category!

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