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Global Card Payment brings over 20 years of front-line experience in the High-Risk Merchant Account processing industry to connect your business to the best processing solutions and acquiring banks. WE GUARANTEE THE ABSOLUTE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE INDUSTRY AND THE LOWEST TRANSACTION RATES YOU'LL FIND ANYWHERE.

  • "I own three online businesses that each classified as a High-Risk category so I know what to look for in a Merchant Services Provider. Experience is Everything - If you don't know how to service this space it shows. GCP proved to me early on that they had what I was looking for and I've never looked back. Thank you for providing solid service so I can focus on growing my business instead of where to go for payment processing!"
  • Is your business High-Risk? Leverage our Global Network to secure a reliable processing relationship.

    Typically a business will be labeled as High-Risk if one or more of the follwoing conditions apply:

    1. Your business experiences a high volume of chargebacks

    2. Previous Merchant Account was shut-off or denied.

    3. Your business falls into a common High-Risk category. We have partnered with high risk credit card processors such as provantage and also with clear merchant to provide solutions for your business types.

    4. Off-Shore Merchant

    5. Start-Up Company or Online Merchant

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