High Transaction Volume Merchant Account Services

Often times those that have high volumes of online transactions supporting their business don’t take sufficient time to research their payment processing technology and choices.

Running online businesses that process the sale of high risk products such as glass pipes, herbal detox drinks, adult content, credit repair companies, student loan modification, collection agencies, travel companies, online pharmacy, mail order companies, telemarketing business, smoke shops, and even online gambling access.

Assessing your choices in the payment processing department is especially important if your business is thriving and processing amounts like 200,000 or 300,000 dollars each month. The larger amount processed each transaction makes your profit gain extremely dependable on the quality of your payment processing terminals, and the company managing the security and safety of your payment gateways.

One great example of a high volume online business is a busy adult website. Thousands of websites containing adult cam performances, fetish content, X rated clips, and the ability to order custom clips from adult performers. These websites often take in 100,000 dollars a month in online profit on a slow day - making them extremely popular and in need of high quality processing that is fair and absent of red tape that often causes paypal accounts to be banned and shut down. Often X rated clips ad videos for sales online can cause a snag with the payment processing due to the nature of the content.

Another great example of a great candidate for outsourced payment processing are businesses selling hemp products, smoking accessories, Cannabis seeds, and hemp oil.

As these products are surely picking up in popularity and demand - the discretion and market the online hemp product market provides allow business owners in the field to wrack up high profits.

Secure online purchases allow the customer to feel safe entering their credit card information, and also allow the company’s financing to be safe from the possibility of multiple chargebacks, fees, and failed sales transactions. The first transaction a customer experiences on your website may make the difference between acquiring a high-paying customer for life, or a dissatisfied and disgruntled buyer leaving poor reviews throughout the web.

Chances are if you’re in the business of providing online pleasure or marijuana accessories, you need a third party to assess your payment processing, and the high risk factors that surround your profits online. Creating a reliable payment option online is an obvious must for those looking for increasing and reliable profit. With all the effort it takes to successfully market products online - leaving tedious things like the insurance of your online transactions and the user-friendly rating for your virtual terminal to professionals may make the overall experience much more enjoyable.

If you’re searching for a payment processing option for your high risk products, make sure to do your research and diligently look at your options. Although PayPal and other easy and quick options may seem like a good idea at first, it could often lead to funds being held. or even seized due to rules in the fine print of the agreement. Enforcing your business with the benefits of a high risk payment processing agency may make the difference between being in the red, or having a surplus in all areas, even your profits.


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We reward small business and startups with cheapest upfront retail and internet transaction (MOTO) rates and the ability to receive an even lower rate based on high volume transaction volume and low or no reserves.

We strive to be a true service provider with your business to make sure that you are getting the absolute best service at the absolute best visa and mastercard rates possible!

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